Tuesday, March 30, 2010

6- Meeting Herbert Pocket

In London, Wemmick introduces Pip to Herbert Pocket, who is Pip's tutor's son. Pip and Herbert Pocket immediately take a liking towards each other, and recognize each other from a childish showdown that took place at the Satis House. Herbert is an open and personable character, who is unlike Pip, and this is why Pip feels an attraction to him. After a large dinner spent talking about Miss Havisham's dilemma, Herbert proceeded to invite Pip to live in his house. This meeting with Herbert Pocket is vital for Pip. Since Pip is new in London and is a gentleman "in the making," Pip needs someone to model himself after. Pip needs Herbert in ways that he really cannot contemplate, because Herbert will help Pip deal with a world that he really has not seen before, on his rise to become a gentleman. Herbert and Pip become best friends, and Herbert would later advise Pip in his many endeavors, and he even saved his life.

Pip needed Herbert not only because of the transformation that he was going through, but because of the turn of events that would happen later in Pip's life. Herbert is a godsend for Pip, since Pip would not have anyone to turn to, to discuss his issues, if Herbert was not in his life. Pip felt extremely grateful for Herbert Pocket, because he really was the only person who Pip could have a healthy relationship with. Herbert Pocket is one of the reasons that Pip could remain sane, after all the twists and unexpected changes that would later occur in Pip's life.

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